Marc Roy, alias Farooq, holding a bag of dried flowers of delphinium (used to dye the wool in green or light blue). Peshawar Saddar bazaar.
Farooq (right) in the room where the dyed wool is stored. The Frenchman has started his workshop with afghan refugees in Peshawar
A turkoman weaver
A weaver
Farooq among his weawers
Preparing the woof
Marc Roy, designing a carpet from photos of traditional ones
Farooq (left) discussing with his afghan weavers
Pieces of indigo
The notebook of Zaman, the apprentice
Praying among the looms
Dawn in Peshawar, near Mohabbat Khan mosque
Mowing the carpet
A rug half mowed
Cleaning of a new carpet
The right hand man of Marc Roy-Farooq, is an afghan weaver, Moonir.
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