Dubai creek remains a port for wooden dhows
These traditional boats are berthed in the heart of a ultra-modern city
Sikh traders. The goods loaded on dhows are transported from Dubai to many places, such as Iran, India, Somalia or Pakistan.
Coolies loading wheat flour. Most of the workers come from India or Bangladesh
Loading a dhow due to sail to Iran
Tea from Sri Lanka
Bags of dates
The crew of the Pakistani dhow "Fate Al Rahman"
Dhows full of goods to be delivered to Iran
The "Fate Al Rahman", a Pakistani dhow, off the coast of Oman, near Ormuz strait
Helmsman. One after another, each seaman of the "Fate Al Rahman" steers the dhow .
Oman Sea
Iranian coast
Above the bridge, the "monkey island" is a place where the crew is sleeping, if the weather is fine
Iranian coast
On watch in the Oman sea
Captain of "Fate Al Rahman" on watch
Passing fishing boats are called for some fresh fish
Pakistani fishing boat
Oman Sea
Tea time aboard "Fate Al Rahman"
Able-bodied seaman
Chief engineer
The captain and chief mate take a break
"Fate Al Rahman" in the Oman Sea
Oman Sea
"Fate Al Rahman" berthed in Karachi, Pakistan
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